Kyosho MP9 Brushless by Elite RC

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Kyosho MP9 Brushless by Elite RC

Message par Elite Rc le Ven 6 Nov 2009 - 19:37

Hello I'm Brandon of Elite Rc,
I'll show you my electric MP9 !

My MP9 prototype is finished, I will be installing the proto mount on Tyler Vick's MP9 just in time to compete with Cody King's secret E-MP9
by Kyosho & the HotBodies E-D8 at Silver State & Neo 09.
Here is a sneak Peak at Tyler Vicks MP9 that I just finished putting together..

This might be my new E-MP9, notice anything different and no it's not a April fools Joke .

Finally finished my E-MP9, I tried my best to get the best balance so hopefully I achieved it..please give me as much feedback as possible,
cause if it works out after testing then I might consider using this base layout for my production chassis for various buggy brands.

As you can see motor on one side and the rest of electronics on other, so both sides should be pretty balanced.. I had to shortened the Losi
RX box to get everything to fit, that was the hardest part, box is still sealed caused I reglued the backcover after shortening .

You're probably wondering how I was able to mount the switch without cutting the wires, well I did cut the wires check it out!

Soldered a micro deans for easy's a another view.. That's slick right .

Now you're probably wondering what kind of batteries will fit in there, well hmmm, maybe 2 sets of hardcased saddle packs will
I went to Tap plastics and bought some delrin to mill out for the battery trays, that was a pain also, went through like 3-4 trays before
I got it right. Sorry no pictures with battery installed, still waiting for them to arrive, will update with more pictures when I get them..So
there you have it, probably one of the most balanced e-buggy available.
If all goes well with testing then there is a possibility it will be my production chassis.

Saddle packs finally arrived, so I just finished wiring everything are some updated pics..

The balance seems pretty good, total weight is 7lbs 7oz .

Check out how low the center of gravity is.

I tried my best to keep the wires & clean.

I'm a fabricator not a painter but I have to admit this is my best paint work ever...

Notive anything different .

Ok, here's a rundown of what I've notice:Motor is 2-3 mm longer than the 2650 mamba, motor shaft is 2-3mm shorter, motor has 3mm & 4mm mounting holes , bottom of esc case has predrilled holes giving you more mounting options, esc definitely smaller & lighter than Mamba.

Don't hesitate to post your questions or comments, thank you.
Elite Rc

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Re: Kyosho MP9 Brushless by Elite RC

Message par Sir Slide Alot le Jeu 26 Nov 2009 - 17:23

hi Brandon

nice car.

how are you?

btw, i'm the one you know as UK.hardcore on rctech.
Sir Slide Alot

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