Mugen MBX6T Brushless by Elite Rc

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Mugen MBX6T Brushless by Elite Rc

Message par Elite Rc le Ven 6 Nov 2009 - 19:55

Here is my latest project, E-MBX6T as you can see from the pictures, it is pretty balanced like my E-MP9.

Like the E-MP9 I have flipped the diff for a front motor setup, and I also centered the driveline. You will notice that I squeezed everything
towards the center for the best balance possible, now there's no uneven weights on the outside like most electric setups.

The stock servo tray has the servos standing up(a Mugen first) but for this setup I laid it back down for a cleaner setup.

As you can see the profile is still pretty darn low..

Here is my electonics pod, you can"t get any cleaner than this. It is held onto the chassis by 3 screws for super easy maintenence.

Here is a view of the bottom chassis, as you can see I've machined a new slot for the spur and shifted the center diff about 5mm to achieve
the center driveline.

You maybe wondering what kind of battery box that is well it was from the HPI Savage Flux, the original box was 3inches longer to
accomodate 8 sub-c cells, which is ridiculously long for any setup, so I had a buddy of mine(Thanks Eddie) cut 3inches of the middle section
and I glued the 2 halves back, so now it fits a typical 2S lipo pack.

Here is a view with 2 Thunder Power 2S 40C packs.

I will finish up the wiring and the body within this week, so stay tuned..

Ok, finally had some time to finish up my wiring..

Here is a series adapter I made, tried to make it as compact & clean as possible.

Here is the wiring layout..

Finally finished the body..

Don't hesitate to post your questions or comments, thank you !
Elite Rc

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